Money Heist

Television series have become one of the most popular entertainments. I will tell you something about one of them that has entered in history as it is the most viewed series in the world not in English. It is Spanish series Money Heist (original title is “La Casa de Papel”). I saw the first two seasons (the third is in preparation) and I did not like it very much. So, some of you who had seen it can compare your ideas with mine. Time ago, I heard that there is a good Spanish series, but I did not have any further information about and I did not even know the title. A few Saturdays ago, I bought instead of usual newspaper (all copies were sold out because I arrived late), another one. This new one I didn’t like: it is very boring and with lack of sports themes, but towards the end there was an interview with the creator of the series in question and so I finally knew the title. The same evening, I started to watch it. The first season has 13 episodes, while the second one has 9 episodes. Before starting I went to to see the vote. Quite poor: 8.7. Compared to movies (this vote would be great for a film), the series have much higher grades; for example, the best series have a rating of 9.5. Therefore, I did not expect too much from the beginning, but considering the summer season with a very poor television program, I decided to try.

A summary of the drama: a group of people decide to assault the Royal Mint of State in Madrid. The goal is to enter and print 2.4 billion euros. The protagonists want to present themselves as honest people; they do not steal anything, just a bit of paper for printing. To justify the action, concrete examples are given when the European Central Bank printed billions of euros to distribute them to banks in crisis (a true fact). But it is not only those who are against the financial system, they are also the revolutionaries (I do not understand very well why, but perhaps this is my limitation). Therefore, the main background music is Italian partigianos song “Bella Ciao”. Beautiful song, abused in this context (want to say that we are all partisans). The head and the creator of the action is a character who calls himself Professor. The group of 8 people penetrates the Mint (a bit too easy) and take about sixty hostages. The Professor remains as an external support, providing information and directives, and checking the situation.

To print 2.4 billion in 50 euro banknotes it takes about 12 days, so the main purpose is to gain as much time as possible. The idea is not bad, the characters are interesting, but the writer’s problem is how to fill the space with something. In the group, there are also two women and so the love begins to cause problems inside. The Professor starts having contacts with the police inspector, she is a nice woman, who commands the police. The aim is to gather information on the actions of the security forces, but in meantime he falls in love with her, and love is paid to him, too: another episode that motivates certain behaviors and situations. Making a total of 22 episodes is not a trivial matter and it needs a lot of creativity to get to the end with the quality maintained; the producers totally failed the aim. Last three episodes of the second season are very boring and too obvious. The final scene is worthy of the worst American films.

In all the series, you can find certain things that do not run smoothly, for example the perfect timing that make the story turn. Here, together with these tricks, there are many logical holes. I tell one. As soon as the group occupies the Mint, the police place the snipers around the zone. They, as soon as they see one of the assailants, ask permission to shoot! But if you kill one of them, do you consider the possibility that others might shoot some hostage? For 4, 5 episodes the permission was denied, but after the main inspector allowed to shoot on a presumed criminal. Why presumed? Because thieves are smart and dress all the hostages in a red suit, as they are also dressed. All also wear a plastic mask with Dali’s face. When the permit arrives, the policemen shoot at a hostage; they simply do not recognize the difference. Absolutely no sense!

The pieces without logic are really numerous and there are many motivations that don’t convince. To fill the story, they also use the usual tricks, that is the stories of the characters’ past that should justify their behavior, sometimes very irrational. It seems that you are in front of a group of psychopaths and not professionals wanting to make a century’s robbery. In the newspaper where I found the interview with the creator of the series, he states that they have found the continuation of the story and that the third season they prepare will be a great success. I doubt about! Only hope for producers is to take in the team a genius of creativity. It goes just over imagination to pull this series from the mud.

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