A few years ago, my cousin and his wife moved to Gothenburg. Last year they came to visit me and now it was my turn to visit them. I decided not to inform me about anything because I was sure they will show me the city. And so it was. Fortunately they are not active types. Like me, they love to eat and drink some good craft beers. I’m sure that the city had to offer more things than I’ve seen, however, I was satisfied.

The first thing you’ll notice is the amount of green areas in the city. For the first time, I realized how much I miss this aspect in my city, Milan, where mostly you can see the buildings and not the green grass. After a beautiful nature, I noticed the city center crowded by people. It was strange for me. I’m not used to see so many people on Wednesday. My cousin explained me that the Swedes have seven-week holidays and their favorite time is in June, the month that I have chosen to visit Gothenburg and reason why the streets were filled with people.

The symbol of Gothenburg is Poseidon
The symbol of the city, Poseidon, is a tourist attraction not to be missed and so I went to see the sculpture. What I noticed is that the Scandinavian countries have a great interest in the subject. Behind Poseidon, there is a beautiful park that you can not miss, in my opinion, better than the god of the sea.

A neighborhood that is worth visiting, as the city’s oldest, is Haga. There are shops, bars, restaurants and a bunch of ancient buildings. Not far away, you will find one of the major attractions of the city, the church of the fish. It ‘a fish market, considered the most luxurious in the city. Usually, I do not go to markets. I don’t like the smell. Here you will not even notice you are surrounded by fishes. The space is very clean and smelling well. There are also varieties that you will never find in Italy. Upstairs there is a restaurant but I would recommend you buying ready meals that you find and sit out on wooden tables, from which you will have a beautiful view of the water. If the weather is good I mean. The locals love to eat shrimps, so, don’t be surprised if you see people cleaning and eating fresh shrimps. Enjoy them.

That fish thing was a nice surprise and since I was born in a city by the sea, I am able to tell if the quality is good or not, in Gothenburg I ate one of the best fish ever. For five days in a row. Raw or cooked, it was excellent.

I was very sorry not being able to take a trip with the ship that would take me to visit the many islands surrounding the city. Unfortunately, the tour departed from July 4. I took a boat used by local people as a bus to go to my cousin’s home. It was interesting seeing the city from a different perspective. I also found out that its port is the largest in Scandinavia. When I was hanging out around the city port, I noticed a fancy boat with a private party. Men in suits were dancing and drinking, they seemed having fun. Later that day, I tried to figure out the lifestyle. My cousin explained me that the standard of the people is high, they love to eat, drink well and being outdoor. All reasons why, they seem to be relaxed and looking good. Sweden is quite expensive so if you plan to shop for clothes or cosmetics, you should not do it. You can find the same products in Italy about twenty percent less. However, if you want to buy something typical by Swedish design go for Acne Studios. It seems that Japanese tourists adore their clothes but keep in mind that the level of prices are on Prada’s range.

If you have a good bank account and you are romantic person, make a reservation at Sjomagasinet, the restaurant with a Michelin star overlooking the harbor. After dinner, you can call a taxi and reach the airport. You will leave the country, happy. Well, if you don’t find a temperature of forty degrees, compared to fifteen in Gothenburg. But, who can say to have everything in the life?

At the end of all my impressions, I have to tell you another thing, very important for my parents. Yes, we were together. I don’t like rock music. They love rock. So, it was Friday evening, I was drinking beer and reading an interesting chapter called “Getting into the mood with Freud”. While I was hanging out with the father of psychology, my biological father went to the concert. I guess he went back to the seventies, thanks to rock groups, Sweet, Slade and Smokie. Later that evening he was so thrilled, probably he was one of the youngest among the fans.

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