Time after time

pastimeWanting or not, the time passes, in every moment of our lives we are a step forward, at least chronologically speaking. For some people this passage of time is too slow, while others consider it too fast: this is called the awareness of time. It depends on us, by our spirit in which we live the world around us. Because the world runs, definitely. The direction and the destination are becoming more clear. Some people like it, others hate the goal towards which we are headed. None of us can do anything to change the destiny, because that is decided by forces larger than we can even imagine. And I’m not talking about God, the Creator who is guiding us in our ways.

I’m talking about productive forces and means of production with which we are dealing every single day. Politically, I was never a fan of communism, but I find this aspect of Marx’s philosophy perfect; he has identified the driving forces of humanity, at least those that are external to man. If we look into this, in many aspects, we are extraordinary creatures who find our personal motivations to proceed in life. Starting with the good ones, such as love and desire to reproducing (dominant for males) and considering those not considered very flattering, such as selfishness, the race for money and the desire of the power. Unfortunately, the last category of our features is prevalent in the development of civilization.

Since ancient times there was always someone who was physically stronger, smarter or better speaker, to convince others in the most absurd things, taking advantage of their naivete and ignorance to achieve his goal: control the others and govern them. Because it seems to be the largest level of human aspiration. Being number one carries with it all the material things you want, the most fantastic feeling that others are submissive to your will and pleasure. Put together, these two components, sociological and psychological, we arrived here where we are. To me, the situation and the prospect doesn’t seem a good one.

The level of education of people is an important factor in social processes. In this regard, the last century marked a spectacular boom. It has gone from illiteracy to high levels of general culture widespread in peoples. It was one of the reasons that allowed the technological development madness. Opening of schools, universities, various specializations have generated the class which in half a century has done more innovations compared to all other previous generations. The means of transport for all, the appliances that save time and at the end the global network. No need to get up at 4 in the morning and go to cultivate the fields, hoping that the weather will not spoil the crop.

But my feeling is that nowdays we are in front of an opposite trend. We have more free time than before, but it seems that lately they want to reduce our free time. Instead of lowering the working hours and provide jobs for more people, governments will increase our working hours, because they know we need money: the standard has reached its peak and is now decreasing. And what are we doing in the pastime? We are attached to our phones and tablets, and connected with various social networks that give us a feeling of being part of a global group, but in fact, every day we are more alone, isolated, with those electronic gadgets that are substitutes for life. Everything has become virtual.

People come back to be ignorant because of the real world which is surrounding us they know only a few irrelevant things and it seem that the governments are happy for this. The communication, the exchange of ideas and experiences, no longer exist. Three friends are sitting at coffee shop table, with their beers and everyone is concentrated on their mobile phones, communicating with others in a virtual way, not present. Who knows why?

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