Nowadays it seems that the only purpose of life is to find a way to make some money. Yes, it is true, there is a global economic crisis and a certain segment of the population feels it very much and has seriously need of liquidity for survival, because you have to eat and pay the bills. But here I’m thinking of those other people who don’t have existential difficulties. Those who simply want something more of the life, a more fancy dress, an amazing sport car of their dreams or take an exotic trip. Here we are talking about things that don’t represent necessarily happiness but have become a symbol to which we tend, often imposed by advertisements that surround us and push us to shop. Obviously, producers and advertising push us to buy products that are more profitable for them.

For years, this dream to become rich, or at least wealthy, is further stimulated by the presence of the Internet. There are many stories about people who have been enriched thanks to the network. Often in our inboxes are a flood of e-mails that are offering us easy gains, for example, a 883 euros per week for a commitment of 3-4 hours per day. Tempting but no realistic (even if someone has gained). It turns out that you have to invest some money to buy an electronic book or to sign up to some virtual register. There are other ways to play online in the casinos or invest in stock market from home. We are not talking about new methods to earn (or lose, because these activities are risky). The only advantage is that you are earning by sitting on your couch. From a social perspective, I see it more as a disadvantage: you can’t meet new people even if Internet offers you the possibility to have chat with other users while pressing a button of a slot, or buying gold in online stock market.

Recently, I have become aware of one guy that has earned well online. A colleague from the office who has created a site that explains forex to beginners, providing basic information about what it is, how it trades, etc. For someone who maybe has not heard about this topic, forex is the online stock market where you buy and sell currencies, but also the goods (such as gold, silver and oil), hoping that the price will go in the right direction, to be able to repurchase or resell the good profitably. The slogan is the usual one: buy for a small price and resell for a higher one. He has banners that link to the sponsors, those who actually provide the service to the forex customer. When a visitor clicks on banner and after opening account he starts trading. The webmaster takes a percentage for each operation on the spread of the broker. He is always earning, it doesn’t matter if the customer has had a profit or a loss.

One night, after work (and our second beer), he confessed me everything about his new business. My colleague is a gentleman, always well dressed, but nothing especially apparent, who often travels. We working together since many years and even our wives have a similar job to each other. According to this, we should have similar revenues, but I can’t afford to myself things he can. So I asked him how could he have such a high lifestyle (from the financial point of view). He told me his story, the one I have already referred. I had in mind an income from properties, or stuffs like that. At the beginning I was confused, so I start asking questions. At the end, he told me that his incomes, thanks to forex, were like two months of his job in the office. I was really in disbelief, so I asked him the reason why he was driving an old car, a Ford Fiesta, bought fifteen years ago. The answer was to stay away from the eyes of those who investigate the tax payment. I must admit, that does make sense.

I asked him if I could get in the business and he generously accepted to explain me everything. You must have a domain, create a website and then advertise it, to get visitors from the search engines; those are great because they seek what you offer and are ready to spend. For a moment, I thought about it. Too complicated, I told to myself. Here it is, I had a proof that some things are real. Personally, I had no desire but especially I had not enough courage to take a risk.