Third Eye

This summer I spent a week in Tibet as an organized tourist. There were 5 of us and we were supported by a Tibetan agency for the organization of the trip. But I don’t want to talk to you extensively about this holiday, but about indirect things linked to it.

While we were going there, one of the friends who followed me had with her the book entitled “The Third Eye”, written by a Tibetan lama who lives abroad in 1958. After we returned, I read it and it left a great mark on me. But ever since I got back I feel like I’m surrounded by Tibet and things that concern it. Two days ago, I took a walk in an area of the city where I have never been and as it happens I find myself in front of the Tibet shop. On television there are very frequent programs lately that talk about the “roof of the world”, or about the Dalai Lama. And there are also films, such as “The Last Emperor”, which I saw less than a month ago.

It seems that my life is beginning to have some connection with that fascinating country where I suffered a lot in the first days from lack of oxygen. Every day two or three aspirins to improve blood circulation. But even then, visiting the monasteries, I felt something in the air, in my soul; the spirituality also widespread among ordinary people, in restaurants, on the mountain passes. The nice thing is that I am a non-believer and have never believed in the existence of a higher entity. Nevertheless, in supernatural things, yes. With 15 years I got to know Yoga and soon after I came into possession of some esoteric books that talked about the techniques used by Hindus and Buddhists. Therefore it is not a new topic for me, but it is an awakening of old acquaintances.

The book is not only interesting because it talks about something little known as Tibetan life and culture, but it is also very well written and with the suggestive style draws the reader in and makes him feel some sensations that are difficult to transmit from literature. And it is written by a lama, a person who has in-depth knowledge of history and current events; however, keep in mind that the book was written more than half a century ago. One of the curiosities, I would call it so, that I have learned that Tibetans consider Buddhism, pure Buddhism, a sad discipline; in fact it is not a religion, here it relies on Hinduism of which it is an integral part. Their Buddhism is quite different and much more practical and, to distinguish it from that present in other Asian countries, they call it lamaism.

There are a lot of very interesting chapters; from the physical opening of the third eye that allows the person to see the aura of others, to activities that could be considered sporting, such as flying with a kite, a big one. There is a trip by a group of monks in the depths of the Himalayas where they meet the Yetis, mysterious men of snow, covered with white fur. Many descriptions that explain the organization of Tibetan society allow you to acquire important knowledge on this topic. I recommend the book to everyone and I have discovered that there are also other books by the same author, Lobsang Rampa, which I will read, I hope, with much pleasure.

To be honest, a few years after reading the book, I found out that the writer is indeed a British citizen who is fond of Tibet. However, I repeat the advice to read the book, even if it was not created by an original lama.

At the end I would like to note that my blog is continuing, slowly, but with a sure and even pace. It turned seven years old in February and with this text there are 15 articles: 2 per year. I can do more and even better, but knowing myself well, and for a long time already, I am not dissatisfied. There aren’t many things that keep my enthusiasm for so long. Often after a few months I get bored and abandon the work I have begun. Psychologically I was helped by this dark period caused by that microscopic, nano-sized thing. Free time, for various reasons, has increased and must be consumed. Writing here is a way to deal with this phenomenon of the abundance of that thing that is normally always missing.

A square in Tibet

Breaking Bad

I thought my television shows phase was over. I was wrong. After finishing both seasons of True Detective and giving up on Mad Men (due to the development of the story too slow), after eleven years from the airing of the first episode, I remembered Breaking Bad. I have read some great reviews and some acquaintances have pointed me to the story as the best of all time. There is no drop in quality, they told me, and they also added that once the viewing is over I won’t want to watch any more shows as they wouldn’t hold a candle to it.

I was initially very hesitant. When I read the word cancer, desperate man, I concluded it was a sad and pathetic story. Fortunately, I was wrong. I was seriously thinking of stopping after the first episode. Just to be able to say, ah yes, I understand what you’re talking about. A few months ago I was having dinner with a friend. We were talking about the scripts. He had explained to me why he never watched TV series, stories repeat themselves, there is too much banality. He said. He is partly right. I’m in the twelfth season of Grey’s Anatomy. There is nothing new, they recycle the old stories but, for some strange reason, I keep watching. Out of curiosity to see, hopefully, one day the finale (hoping to see one).

My approach to Breaking Bad was, as I told you, “I see the first episode, it will be boring”. Here’s how it went. I saw an episode every night. Keep in mind that there are five seasons, each season has sixteen episodes. You do the calculation. I confess to having watched (but only one evening) three episodes in a row. In life, everything is subjective. True Detective was flagged to me as a fantastic series. Having seen it and later, having seen the events of Walter White (the protagonist of Breaking Bad), I will tell you: for me, there is no competition. The second series is clearly superior. I found the third season subdued but I was probably the saturated one, as I watched non-stop. There are those who argue that this is the best season. Subjectivity, in fact.

The story revolves around the life of a chemistry professor, Mr. White, who is diagnosed with lung cancer. Third stage. Life expectancy, two years. To pay for medical treatment, not covered by his insurance, and to leave money for his family, he decides to cook (along with his former student, Jesse) methamphetamine. As I write this article I did a quick search on the net. For the more curious, there are tutorials that explain in detail how to do it.

To make the story more interesting, the protagonist’s brother-in-law is an agent of the DEA, the American anti-drug team. The pace is high, at times the story is repetitive but it does not bother. The characters, all of them, have been studied very well from a psychological point of view. It was interesting to see the evolution of the protagonist who goes from his boring and unrewarding school job to a man who through his product, the purest blue methamphetamine ever seen, realizes his true potential up to become a criminal. Without the cancer diagnosis, it probably wouldn’t have changed his life one iota. Also very curious is the character of the wife who goes from an initial refusal to be an accomplice of her, not devoid of guilt.

In short, a story that will keep you nailed to the sofa, night after night and will make you see how all of us can suddenly become Walter White. Because, as Paulo Coelho said in a book, man is good and he is bad. It all depends on the circumstances. Don’t miss it. And when you get to the last episode, think about it.

Cold War

I often ask myself this question: where is our civilization going? The sun on the horizon? I don’t see it. On the contrary, the fog is everywhere and every day it gets denser. These days I feel really annoyed. It all started with the meeting of the G7 group: the 7 of the most industrialized countries in the world; self-proclaimed as such. When the group was founded, perhaps this was the case, but today we are very far from reality. Canada cannot be compared to China in almost anything, except perhaps in terms of the area the state occupies, but it is in the group while China is not a part. Immediately after that meeting ended, NATO, the military organization of Western countries, met. Once there was the Warsaw Pact, the socialist countries united around the Soviet Union. Today NATO is alone and it is not entirely clear to me what it is for. All these events acquired further significance with the presence of the new American president; the former was more concerned with the problems of his country than he was and that is why he was more sympathetic to me. In his time there were tensions with the Russians and the Chinese, but now we have reached the level of the Cold War of about fifty years ago. That Cold War culminated in the so-called Cuban missile crisis, when the world was on the brink of a nuclear war. It seems that the new American president wants to introduce us to a period like this.

What is the fundamental problem of the human race? They want to have fixed points, things they are sure of and that will not change: being a fixed point, they can be trusted, with certainty. One of the most common staples is religion. God exists because you believe in him and is a valid postulate without verification. It means you can always count on him. It becomes less important whether it exists or not. From these vertices something has come out that lately is very fashionable. Participants, almost all of them, said that our values should be defended and the NATO president said that the Chinese do not share our values with us. We have become the real selfish; only our things are important. Just kidding, we’ve always been like this. What are our values to which they refer, that is, the values of Western civilization. More or less they will talk about democracy, freedom and respect for human rights. We are here to defend democracy, Western politicians thunder. This is how Christian missionaries all over the world cried: we are here to transmit the word of God to you. Methods change because times are different, but the concept is always the same, and so is the final goal: to protect one’s own interest first. everything inexpensive, and take advantage of others as much as possible. Now in the West the fear is spreading that they may lose the leadership of the world that, objectively, they have had in the last fifty years. Now new strong players are coming into play, and this is scary.

Peace for all

China has become the West’s main opponent. True, they are also angry with the Russians, but the Russians don’t have such a significant global role, except in some parts of the world, which are even less important for now. The Chinese are everywhere: starting with the smallest and least developed countries in the world, to which they apparently lend generous assistance (mind you, I said apparently), and through all the major Western countries (shops, bars and some services are in the their hands), take a leading position in the field of technology (they have come further with 5G technology) and own more than a quarter of US foreign debt. Wherever you turn, they are there. In these days the European football championships have begun. Do you see advertising in the stadiums? I’m in Chinese. They advertise Hisense appliances; at least I concluded this way because I also saw the translated writings. I have their refrigerator in the house, vintage style. There are better ones, let’s say the Italian ones, but this costs much less. Even when I was little, it was said that the Chinese would rule the world. So what are we angry about, when it was already written in our destiny.

Someone is beginning to realize that the problems we have today are partly, but largely, our fault, we Westerners. Not us citizens, because no one asks us for anything, but the government that works according to the wishes of the economic magnates, of the multinationals. Remember that politics is only an extended arm of the economy. At the end of the eighties the production trend in underdeveloped countries begins. You open a factory in one of these countries and the workforce costs you a lot less and the profit grows. These countries gladly accepted foreign capital to get out of misery. One of these was China. Unlike others, China is a huge nation and the Chinese are hard workers, a people who are content with little. Over time they have begun to understand technologies, to work to improve them, to invest their earnings in the education of young people and today they are what they are. From exploited land (they paid an entrance ticket), they have become a competitor. Thanks to Western capital. While large companies exploited work in underdeveloped countries, to the detriment of domestic work, it was to their liking and they did everything to globalize the market, to simplify the import and export of goods as much as possible, preferably free of duty.

We also pay part of this, because the standard has been falling for years, because the amount of work has decreased, and wages are lower than before. And now we seem angry with them. I am angry with ours, especially because of the widespread hypocrisy. An attack on undemocratic China is just an excuse; they don’t respect our values. We are for democracy, but only when it suits us. When it doesn’t go well, we’re willing to change our minds. Do you remember the Arab Spring, a period in which numerous Arab peoples in the Mediterranean area rebelled against their ruling classes? The dictator Mubarak fell in Egypt. Applause! Democratic elections were subsequently held. Applause! The election was won by the Muslim Brotherhood, a fundamentalist religious party. No applause, with a few covert whistles (in the end, everything took place democratically). Then the military leadership organizes a coup and comes to power, which was a grossly undemocratic act. Silent applause! It could not have been the noisy ones (as they essentially were), because it would have been understood that we had deviated a little from our right path. Let’s be honest: the main value of the West is money. Everything else depends on the currency.

I don’t know how you see this world; I don’t like it at all. Somehow it all comes out like when you walk into an online casino. You are right, you do not enter but log in. It all depends on luck, if you go out without pants or your pockets will be full of money. Mostly that first thing happens. The world is always conceptually the same. People, culture, languages change, and technology frees people from hard work every day, but the relationship between those who have wealth and those who help them acquire them is always the same: the poor always need a little bottle of Vaseline (a good rock concert, a soccer match, getting drunk in company…) so that they could continue their sad life as much as possible. Better that of the revolution; you can die there, and when it’s over, everything goes the old way, albeit with a new approach.

World circus

I was bothered to call this article a madhouse. There it would. But I have thought about it because by nature I am optimistic and I like to see things from another point of view, different from other people. I also like jokes that show that everything, even the most tragic events, can be considered funny. Furthermore, it is much better to laugh than cry, because it saves us from bad moods, the ones that could lead us into depression. So, I’m in front of this technological medium and let’s see if I can compose something humorous. If it goes well, I will write to those of the humorous TV shows, and maybe they will call me for some broadcast, or to write the gags for other protagonists. I got off to a good start and in 5 minutes I made the introduction which I am quite happy with. I hope that you too share my enthusiasm. Let’s work to justify the title.

So, all my time I spend at home. I’ll celebrate in March the anniversary, the first one, of my lithe work. I am a broad-minded guy and I feel like a citizen of the world, but I don’t like the exaggerated use of foreign words in our everyday language. Translating the English term would be smart work. I like it! I don’t have to waste my time traveling to work and home afterwards. An extra two hours a day is not bad at all. Many persons say it is the greatest wealth for all of us, the free time. I’m fine at home and work well. I have the ability to manage my actions in complete freedom, to do my homework when I want. The problem becomes physical activity. It’s not that in ordinary times I do much, but at least I did the walk to reach public transport. Now I take empty walks around the house, or a little further away and I dedicate 15 minutes a day to yoga exercises. Yesterday I came back from the walk and I got the idea not to take the elevator. I went up 21 floors with the stairs. It took me 7 minutes, very slowly, and I survived. The rest of the time I spend looking the television. In the evening some movies can be found, but during the day I mostly watch the news on the various channels; so I also compare who shoots the biggest one.

This month, the Americans have been the center of global attention. They attacked the seat of their parliament. Everyone is scandalized, but this action seems fair to me. There are premises that justify the action. The photo of the guy disguised as a bison caused a lot of comments, not very positive. I do not understand why. Everyone knows that Americans have brought these beautiful animals to near extinction. Now these, symbolically, showed up in parliament to protest. They speak of an attack on democracy, not realizing that they do everything in reverse with animals: they are in fact all racists. Why democracy, why not animalcracy? They too, the animals, are living souls and have the same rights to this world, in this nature, as we do. If they protest, they also get terrorists. Terrorists are those who kill innocent people, who have nothing to do with the cause they present. The United States Congress is certainly not innocent and can be considered a legitimate destination for protests against bisonticide.

A morning concert in the park

We all visited a circus at least once in our life. Along with the show, there is also a visit to animals and strange creatures: the giant man, the dwarf man of only 90 cm and the inevitable mustachioed woman. So the new president of the United States, Joe Biden has decided not to let Trump steal the whole scene. These days he has introduced us the members of his government. In the vice-presidency we find the first woman already from the beginning of the election campaign, and she is also yellow-black, although the latter is prevalent. The new defense minister, for the first time an African American, of undoubted color. Among the ministers, always for the first time, one who publicly declares himself homosexual. I ask myself: do these characteristics have something to do with their abilities?

There is a friend of mine who claims that America and Europe have been in decline since the nineteenth century, and that the circus they do is not surprising. According to him, the only respectable civilization on this planet is the Asian one. I don’t know if this is true. I saw the news from Hong Kong, where they arrested 50 opponents. On a newscast they also said why; we do not normally provide this information. Ahead of the elections, the guys organized the primaries, to see which of their candidates would have the most votes. The Chinese government has assessed this action as subversive and dangerous for the security of the Chinese state. I thought about it for a moment, but I’m not getting there. In this general circus nothing is missing: there are clowns, lots of them, animals, acrobats, strange creatures and even the smell of hay accompanied by that of the feces that various protagonists leave behind. Happy New Year everyone and I hope that this Covid nightmare will disappear as soon as possible, forever.


A morning concert

The alarm clock sounds. I block the alarm and watch the time: it’s 5:45 in the morning. My brain mechanism is slowly starting. My first conscious thought is: today is Sunday. But why do I have to get up so early? I hear my wife getting out of bed and telling me: get up, we are late for the concert. I remember now. We have to go see a concert that starts at 6:30. Yesterday, my wife was bored and leafed through the pages of that famous social network where everyone is present. At one point he tells me that tomorrow there is a concert that starts at sunrise, in a public park, about ten minutes by car from our home. Do you want to go – she asks me? I try to be a good husband; I still love her so much after all these years together. She is much more dynamic than I am. He wants to go everywhere, especially to visit various cultural events. One of the reasons for his dynamism is also the fact that he does not work, she is housewife, and that he has a lot of free time. It is not always easy to spend free time in a pleasant way, therefore one must also strive to organize it. I must admit that she is a good organizer.

On the other side, it’s me. I work and often, especially on the weekend, I don’t like to do anything. In theory, the reason is that I am tired from the weekly work and would like to rest. If I want to be more honest with myself, I am a little lazy. This rest often ends up lying on the sofa and watching TV and in the end I find out that during this time I didn’t get much rest and that I was actually bored. Therefore I learned from past experience that it is better to join my wife: I am pleased with her, and it turns out that I also enjoy myself more. Here, this should be the explanation why someone like me gets up at dawn on a Sunday.

I get dressed and find a cup of coffee on the table. As I drink it, I watch the sun come out: a big red disk just above the horizon. An image that I don’t see often and that is beautiful. For me it is much more beautiful than that of the sunset: the sun rises and a new day begins. We take the car and head towards our destination. I don’t know the way and we use the navigator in his cell phone. Here is some problem. It makes us go around an area. We approach the goal, after we move away, but we never get there. After two laps, my wife takes the lead (however, I drive). We stop in front of a sign indicating the entrance to the park and set off on foot. The navigator says that we have to go another way and that we still have 11 minutes to arrive, but she does not follow the directions and we arrive in 2 minutes in the area where the concert has already started. We are about 10 minutes late. She reproaches me that I am guilty of this (I stopped in the bathroom a little more, but I needed it – don’t let me get into the details). I know her and silently accept the guilt.

A morning concert in the park

Here we are! The scene is very beautiful. In the park there is an artificial lake, approximately 200 m long and 30 m wide. On the short side there is an arranged space, a kind of pitch with a bar. Despite the hour and the virus emergency still present, a few hundred people have gathered. Mostly of a certain age, but there is no shortage of young people either. In front of everyone, a red carpet occupied by two cellists. An Italian girl and a Japanese boy. By inquiring on the Internet, it turns out that he has lived and studied music in Italy since he was 10 years old. Now he will have about 30. There are few chairs, well spaced from each other, and already all occupied. Most of the spectators are standing. We occupy a position above the bar, on a hill, with a view from above. The first rays of sun create a magical atmosphere.

At the beginning my attention was turned more to the environment around me than to the music that spreads from the instruments. Over time, the two things, the environment and the music, begin to merge, to create something very pleasant, engaging and at the same time also relaxing. After half an hour, my wife has another idea. We go down and at the bar we take two coffees and two brioches. We manage to find a free bench and take a seat. The spiritual part of the event was also joined by the gastronomic one: the brioches are really excellent. A Sunday morning spent well. Much better than sitting in front of the computer screen and following the trend of currencies on Forex. Thanks sweetheart!

My experience with IQOS

So many things come with the wisdom that is acquired with the advancement of age. There are many others that are lost. Normal and natural. This year I am 60 years old: best wishes to me. My wife did the same. I started this blog about Big Bung 2015, almost 5 years ago. Rereading my words, I see that in those days I still believed in a better World. The younger you are, the more idealistic you are. You believe in certain things, but below, below you understand that they will never happen, as it will never get better – unfortunately. The disappointment gets stronger and stronger. But not only that I no longer believe in an improvement, I begin to be sure that things are going to get worse. The one where my thoughts still are positive, it’s me and the people around me, that is mainly the family. It is a forced utopia, because if you lose this too, life becomes too hard. After this sprinkling of optimism, I move on to the expected topic, that is, I describe my experience with IQOS. To be useful to someone, this text must also include my profile as a smoker. One, very different from me from this point of view, could have a very different opinion.

I started smoking when I was about 20 years old and so this year I made the fortieth anniversary of my smoking activity. It all started in the first year of university. Since the university building needed a reconstruction, they sent us to the outskirts in an unlikely building for the purpose for which it was to be dedicated. Public transport almost did not exist and therefore many came on foot. Even the professors had some problems reaching that place. Considering the other discomforts, he went out and we often missed a few lessons, and the expectations were long. What are you doing? You light a cigarette. But I didn’t smoke! Thus, to kill time I was scrounging by other boys, but especially by other girls. The girls at that time smoked the Lords; a feminine cigarette, very light and pleasant. Here, this was my beginning. At one point I scrounge too much and started buying a package every now and then. I didn’t smoke in my house; my parents were very opposed to this vice. Over the years, I became an ardent smoker and when I started earning my money, I admitted it to my parents.

Freedom for the couple

In the last few years I was smoking about one pack a day; I had slightly decreased the quantity because I began to realize that smoking is not good for health. The problem that happened to me most often is cough. My wife complained a lot because she couldn’t sleep next to me. I tried to explain that cigarettes have nothing to do with it and that it’s all due to the cold. In part it was true, because when I was cold I coughed very much, but when the cold passed, I didn’t stop completely. Last winter I slept in the living room for a while. She complained that she could not sleep because of the coughing noise I caused. So, knowing that she was right, I moved for a few weeks; so I slept better too. In April I decided to do something more radical. I bought the electronic cigarette, the one that produces steam and not smoke. The idea was to replace some cigarettes with vape. In the office I can control myself quite well: I smoke every hour. Introducing the electronic cigarette, I managed to get 10 cigarettes a day and about 6 vape.

After the holidays, where I relaxed and I was much less disciplined, by chance I learned about IQOS. In front of the office, where everyone is smoking, I noticed that some people have a contraption that looks like an electronic cigarette, but it’s different. This uses real tobacco but does not burn it (there is no ash); warms it up. I discovered that a colleague also uses it and I got an IQOS. So, I didn’t like the first cigarette with heated tobacco; it is very dry. My colleague assured me that it is a matter of habit and that afterwards she gets used to it and that normal cigarettes become unpleasant. I bought the gadget and since then, it will be about 2 months, I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore. I always use the electronic cigarette with steam, to use less IQOS and all in all the results are visible.

The most important evidence is that I almost don’t cough anymore, if I haven’t cooled down. With this comes the other pleasure that my wife is happy and that our relationship does not suffer, or rather, she suffers my vice much less. I have some more money that I still invest in Forex operations. Among other advantages, I can say that my teeth are whiter, and my dentist is happy. My skin and my clothes stink less than previously, when I was a real smoker. I don’t know how to define myself now, but I feel better.

Incredible India

Crowded traffic in IndiaThe title of this article is the official slogan of Indian touristic agency. It’s seems to me that the author of slogan and graphic symbol is the same person that did the work for Spanish publicity. Probably, the most of visitors find this country really incredible. Before this experience, I visited a lot of country, in Europe, Africa, Central America and Africa, and I saw lot of strange and unbelievable places, things and peoples, so Indian’s imprint to me was not so impressive. However, I had some new experiences that I will take with me into the future. Probably the most impressive thing is the traffic.

I moved between various cities and places with car; I had my personal driver (in each place I had a local guide for the visits). The traffic may easily enter in the term incredible. India is one of the countries with left-hand traffic; as many other British colonies, they maintained this rule. But, this is not a problem. They don’t respect any rule. The streets in the cities are crowded with pedestrians, cows, motorcycles, tuk-tuk, and motor vehicles. Left-hand traffic appears to be an optional, because a lot of vehicle don’t respect this rule: it’s normal to find somebody that drives in the opposite direction. The most clamorous case I saw in a highway. My driver went in the overtake lane and we saw a tractor that went in our direction. Incredible! My driver pressed the claxon, changed the lane (the tractor is more power, and it won), and everything continued normally. I was looking my driver with a surprised face; he only made a little smile. It’s normal here, in India, he said.

He explained me that, to drive in India, one must have: good brakes, good claxon and good luck. The last one seems to be most important and seems that Indians have a good luck. I did thousands of kilometers and I didn’t see neither one incident. The Indians admire to drive out of lanes, following the lines that demarcate the lanes. In the highway you can see the slogan for drivers: lane drive – safe drive. To use the highway, you must pay, but the near houses have direct and unprotect access to the road. In the cities the traffic is so crowded that seems incredible that there are not neither touches between traffic participants. Few times I walked the streets, following other pedestrians and cars in the road lane; the sidewalks are very rare. I had a serious problem to cross the street. Nobody stopped, and one must conquer the pass with the own courage. Often, I was looking for a near semaphore and walked some hundred meters more to feel myself safer.

My first 3 guides were Hindu. The most monuments that I saw seems to be linked to the story of Muslims in India. From some phrases told by my guides, it was easy to conclude that Hindu and Muslims are not very friendly. The guides were underlining violence and brutality of Muslims from Afghanistan and Mongolia that came to occupied India and slaved the people. However, the mode that my guides expressed their lack of sympathy was not offensive. My fourth guide was Muslim. He was much less politically correct. He was directly offending the Hindu people. They are dirty and drop garbage to the street (I don’t know who drops the garbage, but the streets are really very dirty), they make a bath in the river Gang that are one of more polluted river of the world, they have hundreds of Gods and it is not normal (Muslims have only one), and so on, and so on. I didn’t appreciate his offensive style, but it’s helped me to understand better Indian’s social conflicts.

One castle in indiaAt the end, something about cows. Everybody know the cow in India is considered sacred animal. The streets and squares are crowded by cows. I asked my driver what they eat, while there is only asphalt. He answered that people buy grass and other food on the market and offer it to cows. The male cows, the bulls are free, and nobody own them. The female cows are properties of somebody because they are useful for the milk. During the day they walk freely by the streets. To be sure that the cow will come back to her owner, the owner keeps at home the cow’s calf, so the cows will be back to her home during the night.

Money Heist

Television series have become one of the most popular entertainments. I will tell you something about one of them that has entered in history as it is the most viewed series in the world not in English. It is Spanish series Money Heist (original title is “La Casa de Papel”). I saw the first two seasons (the third is in preparation) and I did not like it very much. So, some of you who had seen it can compare your ideas with mine. Time ago, I heard that there is a good Spanish series, but I did not have any further information about and I did not even know the title. A few Saturdays ago, I bought instead of usual newspaper (all copies were sold out because I arrived late), another one. This new one I didn’t like: it is very boring and with lack of sports themes, but towards the end there was an interview with the creator of the series in question and so I finally knew the title. The same evening, I started to watch it. The first season has 13 episodes, while the second one has 9 episodes. Before starting I went to to see the vote. Quite poor: 8.7. Compared to movies (this vote would be great for a film), the series have much higher grades; for example, the best series have a rating of 9.5. Therefore, I did not expect too much from the beginning, but considering the summer season with a very poor television program, I decided to try.

A summary of the drama: a group of people decide to assault the Royal Mint of State in Madrid. The goal is to enter and print 2.4 billion euros. The protagonists want to present themselves as honest people; they do not steal anything, just a bit of paper for printing. To justify the action, concrete examples are given when the European Central Bank printed billions of euros to distribute them to banks in crisis (a true fact). But it is not only those who are against the financial system, they are also the revolutionaries (I do not understand very well why, but perhaps this is my limitation). Therefore, the main background music is Italian partigianos song “Bella Ciao”. Beautiful song, abused in this context (want to say that we are all partisans). The head and the creator of the action is a character who calls himself Professor. The group of 8 people penetrates the Mint (a bit too easy) and take about sixty hostages. The Professor remains as an external support, providing information and directives, and checking the situation.

To print 2.4 billion in 50 euro banknotes it takes about 12 days, so the main purpose is to gain as much time as possible. The idea is not bad, the characters are interesting, but the writer’s problem is how to fill the space with something. In the group, there are also two women and so the love begins to cause problems inside. The Professor starts having contacts with the police inspector, she is a nice woman, who commands the police. The aim is to gather information on the actions of the security forces, but in meantime he falls in love with her, and love is paid to him, too: another episode that motivates certain behaviors and situations. Making a total of 22 episodes is not a trivial matter and it needs a lot of creativity to get to the end with the quality maintained; the producers totally failed the aim. Last three episodes of the second season are very boring and too obvious. The final scene is worthy of the worst American films.

In all the series, you can find certain things that do not run smoothly, for example the perfect timing that make the story turn. Here, together with these tricks, there are many logical holes. I tell one. As soon as the group occupies the Mint, the police place the snipers around the zone. They, as soon as they see one of the assailants, ask permission to shoot! But if you kill one of them, do you consider the possibility that others might shoot some hostage? For 4, 5 episodes the permission was denied, but after the main inspector allowed to shoot on a presumed criminal. Why presumed? Because thieves are smart and dress all the hostages in a red suit, as they are also dressed. All also wear a plastic mask with Dali’s face. When the permit arrives, the policemen shoot at a hostage; they simply do not recognize the difference. Absolutely no sense!

The pieces without logic are really numerous and there are many motivations that don’t convince. To fill the story, they also use the usual tricks, that is the stories of the characters’ past that should justify their behavior, sometimes very irrational. It seems that you are in front of a group of psychopaths and not professionals wanting to make a century’s robbery. In the newspaper where I found the interview with the creator of the series, he states that they have found the continuation of the story and that the third season they prepare will be a great success. I doubt about! Only hope for producers is to take in the team a genius of creativity. It goes just over imagination to pull this series from the mud.

Tokyo for dummies

This autumn I spent a few days in Tokyo. Well, actually I did a little tour of Japan, from Kyoto, Osaka, Toyama and at the end I’ve arrived in Tokyo, with Shinkansen. It’s a fast train running about 300 km/h. There are a lot of these trains in Europe; in Germany, France, Italy and so on, but this is the oldest one. Its first run was in a far 1959. After 2 hours I’ve arrived in Tokyo, Ueno station. The first thought that passed on my mind was: “why are they against United Europe?” (UE No). In 10 minutes I’ve reached my hotel, Mystays. Well, the room wasn’t the biggest I’ve ever seen, but I admit it was a nice room. It was late afternoon. I’ve unpacked my luggage and I’ve walked out into the street. Few passes from my hotel was Tokyo’s zoo, my first destination. There I’ve seen a panda for the first time in my life.

I was about to light the cigarette when I saw the sign: smoking is forbidden. In Japan this is the rule; one must not smoke in the street. The fain is about 20 euros and the guardians that control the application of the rule are very frequent. I’ve taken my risk at least 10 times during my stay. Later I will understand that there are smoking spaces in the same streets and I was very surprised when I’ve discovered that the smoking were allowed in the major part of bars and restaurants. Weird country. But, it’s not the only strange thing I’ve noticed there. The WC are a result of the high technology. The bowl of a toilet is warmed up, there are spray that coming out and where one can control angulation and the water pressure. I did some experiments to understand some of the functions: all instructions were in Japanese. To be honest, I had some extra water.

For 4 days I was going around, looking for points of interest, using trains and undergrounds and a few times I have caught the bus. Functionality of the local transport is perfect and the trains are precise as the Swiss watches. However, in the rush hours there are an incredible crowd and it is not always easy enter in the coach. In the streets, the scene is the same. Especial attraction are the diagonal crossing road that I didn’t see in any other country. I’ve visited different districts of the city.

New model of NissanThe most modern is Ginza, that is an open exposition of the architecture. The buildings are occupied by the famous brands as Louis Vuitton, Armani, Dior, but you can also find Gap and H&M. My attention was drawn to a showcase where was exposed the new model of Nissan, fully electrical and very luxurious; I didn’t ask for the price. On the roof of the oldest western style store I’ve found a beautiful park from where I had a fantastic view of the city. Far away, the celebrated Japanese mountain Fuji was visible, but too far to see the snow on the top of it.

obot Gundam from Japanese cartoonI don’t remember in which district is exposed the statue of robot Gundam. It’s impressive, height about 20 meters, represents the legendary hero from the Japanese cartoons. Notable mass was turning around to examine all the details of the structure. At 5 p.m. there are a short show: some pieces of robot’s armor moved and lights of reactive motors on his back switched on and off to give a dynamic effects. Nothing special but it seemed that the visitors had great fun. Asakusa district is the most ancient area of Tokyo. Everything seems to be from old days, including stores, wooden houses, people dressed in a traditional way and numerous cemeteries. In each cemetery is present a little temple owned by privates. The peace and relax regains this area.

One of tipical Japanese foodOne of the main attraction for the tourists is the food. The Japanese kitchen is well known in Europe, but, eat some food here, at the source, is something unique. I’ve tasted ramen, soba, sushi, okonomiyaki and other delights that I don’t remember the names. Very good and tasty for reasonable prices, especially if you eat in their fast-food, characteristic locals where the chef is in the front of you and prepare your food. So, looking at him you can “steal” the recipe. The water and tea are always free but I’ve preferred Japanese beer, in particularly Kirin, that I like so much. I’ve tried their national drink sake, but it doesn’t enter in my preferred drink.

Forex experience

What is Forex? It’s the currency trading. In the first article, at the bottom of this page, you can find the connection where is possible to know more about our topic. It’s available a demonstration account too, so you can do free practice and figure out if you like it or not. If you have fun, maybe you will decide to continue but, if you don’t enjoy, it’s better for you to give up and find something different for your time off. Forex is one of the many ways to make money online but, remember one thing, not everyone earn.

I opened a real account on the day of presidential elections in the United States held on November 8, 2016. Before that I tried several different Forex platforms and I decided to make money by using one called eToro. I didn’t regret and I recommend you their site. Why am I right on that day decided to enter in the world of high finance? I heard from some friends and checked on the internet that a lot of people gained huge amounts of money during Brexit. The pound fell over 10% and to those who have had that vision, this fact brought amazing profits. Note that in currency trading you can use the leverage. So, if for example you are using leverage of 50 times, the 10% becomes 500%; you invest a thousand dollars and earn 5000. So I thought that if Trump wins the elections I could make good profits.

So, I opened the account by depositing 500 dollars. After midnight, when the outcome of the presidential election was not known yet, I bought the currency pair euro-dollar. My investment should enhance and my plan was to make some money by buying cheap and selling expensive. On the Forex platforms you can set two limits: one is where you take profits and other where you close your position to limit your losses. I was too greedy and laid taking profits on 5%. Once the world understood who was the new president of the United States, the dollar has become weaker (as I had predicted). But after lost 3% of the value it became stronger. That day I was out of town and I had no access to internet. My limit for taking the profit hasn’t been reached and I couldn’t manually close the position and taking a little less profit. When I returned home late in the evening and logged my platform, the price was already lower than my purchase. This is until today my only loss.

It’s the beginning of the March and in the four months I earned 300 dollars, about 60% of the initial amount I’ve invested. I was able to catch up my first lost by the end of the same month. So far I have processed more than 90 operations and except one, all were positively completed. I have already reached a good experience and developed my own strategy which it has proved successful. At least until now. Here are some of the key elements in my approach. In the beginning I used the lever 10 but after more experience and considerations now I use 25. This is a good proportion of earnings and assessing risks. If I open the position and things go in a negative direction, I have 4% margin (loss of the entire wager) in order to wait that prices return to positive reach. I always put my loss limit very far to be able to afford myself to wait even a month before I back to the desired interval. Since I often trade on a long period I usually choose operations with positive rollover. When a position is transferred to another day, Forex applies to it some kind of fee. For example, for a pair EURUSD, if you buy the pair you pay 60 cents for the amount of 10.000 dollars, and if you sell they pay you 3 cents. Usually, I sell and don’t have to think that for every day of waiting for the realization I have to pay a fee. The amount I earn isn’t significant but the important thing is that I don’t have additional costs.

I chose eToro not only because it’s an excellent service, but also because they have a social network. While you trade people send messages, comment and click like button. Of course, the topic is always trading currencies. There are members who have a great experience and this can be useful if you want to learn from them. Often the messages are entertaining because they are very funny. Most users keep their profile public so it’s possible to look at their stats and see how they trade. Statistics are partial and client’s privacy is however preserved. There are percentages but not the amount of money invested in trading.

Different people trade, even girls and if you don’t understand a language on the web site (there are Russians, Arabs, Germans, and other that write in their mother language) there is an automatic translator. As I told you before it can be very funny. Once I’ve read a message from a guy who gave me the impression to be so smart until I watched his statistics and find all in red (gains are represented in green). From my personal experience: more the post appears intellectual and more the author is ignorant.

Instructions for riding the camel

The story takes place in the north west of Sahara. My husband and I have a driver who is also a bad tour guide. He is driving a Toyota Prado, a very comfortable car. We are a chatty couple and love to meet new people. But, I don’t like so much being in the car with a driver who is always speaking on his cell phone during the ride. It’s a little scaring for my/our security. Don’t you think? Anyway, I’m finally on my vacation and I don’t want to think too much. When we stop somewhere, our driver entrust us quickly to the local guide and go with other drivers to have fun. He asked me to write a review on Tripadvisor and I accepted but he can’t get the best possible review I thought to myself without saying that out loud. Accommodations are very good, the price is very reasonable; without hesitation I would recommend to friends the same agency.

For the second night of our African tour, sleeping in a tent in the desert was planned. After many kilometers we arrive to a hotel on the edge of the desert. The staff give us the room where we leave our luggage and put in a small backpack only a cosmetic bag and two bottles of water. Here we will be back tomorrow morning at breakfast and take our things in order to continue the tour. In the desert we are going on camels. We have to wait for the rest of the group. Departure is calculated so that during the ride we should see the sunset. I’m staying in the room while my husband is looking for a beer. In Arab countries it’s not so easy because they can’t drink alcohol. He returns after 15 minutes with two small bottles and offers me one. I know he would very gladly take both, but I also want to have a drink. On his face I don’t notice any particular disappointment.

They are calling us. Behind the hotel the group of seven people is ready. We are climbing on our camels. They have the hump, around which there is a kind of saddle. Above, there is metal structure where we sat and at the front there is a metal holder for which we are hold. In the group there are an American and two girls from New York, second generation of Chinese born in the Big Apple. And also two women from Columbia but they live in London. Me and my husband are riding our camels in the middle of those people. Camels are linked to one another. One of the two guides, both barbers, takes the rein of the first camel. The other is walking parallel to us trying to amuse the group. The guides walk barefoot on soft Saharan sand. I’m the only one not enjoying the ride.

The saddle is pinching me so much and the holder is too low. My husband is angry because I’m the only one who is complaining. He is telling me to relax and take it easy. I’m trying to follow his advice but I can’t relax. After an hour and a quarter of torture, I finally get off this unfriendly animal explaining to my husband that the problem were the saddle and the holder but he doesn’t believe me.

They serve us dinner and after we are going to sleep. All the people around us are not more friendly that my camel and they are too noisy. I wanted to spent a quiet night in the desert but my plan didn’t work out. I’m in pain because of my back, butt and arms. We also didn’t see the sunset because of the clouds. The next morning the clouds are on the sky so I can’t see the sunrise.

At return I don’t want to ride a camel and I decide to go on foot. It’s very nice to feel the sand under the feet, much better than be on the camel. The guide decide to give me the rope of the first camel in the row. So I run the caravan and talk to the Berber which shows me which way to go. I learned that they use camels for transport and that they almost never ride them. After 20 minutes the woman from New York is asking to stop riding camel. She is in pain because of the saddle. I look at her camel and I realize it was my camel from the previous day! Here is the proof; it wasn’t my fault! The problem was the saddle. As I tried to explain to my husband.

Bosnia and Hercegovina

Last summer I passed few days in Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the 6 republics that were formed after dissolution of former Yugoslavia. The new state is mostly known for the atrocious war, lasted for 5 years, that cause 200 thousands of victims. During my stay I visited 3 cities that I will describe below.


JajceJajce is a little town of about 30 thousands inhabitants. It’s famous due to the fact that in 1943 was born socialistic republic of Yugoslavia. Still today there is a museum dedicated at that event. The main goal is a high cascade, about 30 meters, in the center of the city. Really spectacular view for numerous tourists that come to see this natural beauty. For the rest the center is composed of one hill and a castle in the top. The castle was constructed during the governance of ottomans that reign in this area for more than 5 centuries. I spent few hours to visit the main sights and to taste some local food, fabulous burek; some kind of dough with meat, but there are other substances that they used instead of meat, such potato, cheese and spinach. In late afternoon I continued my trip for Sarajevo.


SarajevoSarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and has about 750 thousands people. My first impression was very intensive. I asked myself: “where am I”? In Europe or in Middle East? The historical part of the city, called Bascarsija, seems to be Istanbul, or some other Islamic city. Almost all the women, the tourists excluded, are dressed in traditional Islamic style, with scarf. Lot of them wear veil, that often hide the face. The majority of men you can see have typical Muslim’s beard. In Bosnia live together 3 ethnic group: Serbs, Croatians and Bosnians, so all the inscriptions are in 3 languages, but not only. Very often I saw a fourth caption and initially I didn’t understand in which languages is. One sympathetic waiter (all the people I met were wry nice) explained to me that it is Turkish. The cloths that one see in the shops are very oriental, so the souvenirs, food, and coffee, too.

The modern part of the city is very different and can be associated at any European city. In this zone you will not see marks and traditions of ottoman’s empire. Those days there was a film festival and the atmosphere, especially by the night, was very hot. Lot of girls dressed as models, were walking to the streets and having fun in the open bars. It Seemed to me that a hundreds of liters of alcohol were drank. From all the locals went out very loud music. So the atmosphere in general is the think that I enjoyed more.

For the rest you can see religious objects of the 3 religions that cohabit: Cristian, Muslim and Hebrew. A times ago, the people of various faiths lived in peace, helping each other, for centuries. The evidences can be found in documents exposed in museums and churches. But today, entire environment seems to be inwrought with distrust, suspicion and hate, due to the horrible events happened during the war. The city is divided by river Miljacka, crossed by numerous bridges, ancient and modern. The main number of old buildings are from ottoman and Austro-Hungarian period, and some of them are very nice, like a national library. I stayed in Sarajevo for 2 nights, and the last city that I planed to see was Mostar.


mostarThe population count 65 thousands people, mixed between Croatians and Bosnians. Serbs are presented in very law number. The symbol of the city is old bridge, that was destructed during the war, and new one, apparently identical as the old, was built. The day I came in the city, there was a competition in high diving from the bridge. For this occasion, the bridge was too low, so the organization elevated it with one provisory tower, so the total height for jumpers was 28 meters, the highest allowed for this kind of competition.

While in Sarajevo I found visitors prevalently from United States and Western Europe, Mostar is full of Italian tourists that are attracted not only by the same city, but with near city of Medjugorje, famous location where was registered, hypothetical appearance of the Mother of God. Due to this attraction, the prices in this place are much more elevated in relation with other two cities I visited.


A few years ago, my cousin and his wife moved to Gothenburg. Last year they came to visit me and now it was my turn to visit them. I decided not to inform me about anything because I was sure they will show me the city. And so it was. Fortunately they are not active types. Like me, they love to eat and drink some good craft beers. I’m sure that the city had to offer more things than I’ve seen, however, I was satisfied.

The first thing you’ll notice is the amount of green areas in the city. For the first time, I realized how much I miss this aspect in my city, Milan, where mostly you can see the buildings and not the green grass. After a beautiful nature, I noticed the city center crowded by people. It was strange for me. I’m not used to see so many people on Wednesday. My cousin explained me that the Swedes have seven-week holidays and their favorite time is in June, the month that I have chosen to visit Gothenburg and reason why the streets were filled with people.

The symbol of Gothenburg is Poseidon
The symbol of the city, Poseidon, is a tourist attraction not to be missed and so I went to see the sculpture. What I noticed is that the Scandinavian countries have a great interest in the subject. Behind Poseidon, there is a beautiful park that you can not miss, in my opinion, better than the god of the sea.

A neighborhood that is worth visiting, as the city’s oldest, is Haga. There are shops, bars, restaurants and a bunch of ancient buildings. Not far away, you will find one of the major attractions of the city, the church of the fish. It ‘a fish market, considered the most luxurious in the city. Usually, I do not go to markets. I don’t like the smell. Here you will not even notice you are surrounded by fishes. The space is very clean and smelling well. There are also varieties that you will never find in Italy. Upstairs there is a restaurant but I would recommend you buying ready meals that you find and sit out on wooden tables, from which you will have a beautiful view of the water. If the weather is good I mean. The locals love to eat shrimps, so, don’t be surprised if you see people cleaning and eating fresh shrimps. Enjoy them.

That fish thing was a nice surprise and since I was born in a city by the sea, I am able to tell if the quality is good or not, in Gothenburg I ate one of the best fish ever. For five days in a row. Raw or cooked, it was excellent.

I was very sorry not being able to take a trip with the ship that would take me to visit the many islands surrounding the city. Unfortunately, the tour departed from July 4. I took a boat used by local people as a bus to go to my cousin’s home. It was interesting seeing the city from a different perspective. I also found out that its port is the largest in Scandinavia. When I was hanging out around the city port, I noticed a fancy boat with a private party. Men in suits were dancing and drinking, they seemed having fun. Later that day, I tried to figure out the lifestyle. My cousin explained me that the standard of the people is high, they love to eat, drink well and being outdoor. All reasons why, they seem to be relaxed and looking good. Sweden is quite expensive so if you plan to shop for clothes or cosmetics, you should not do it. You can find the same products in Italy about twenty percent less. However, if you want to buy something typical by Swedish design go for Acne Studios. It seems that Japanese tourists adore their clothes but keep in mind that the level of prices are on Prada’s range.

If you have a good bank account and you are romantic person, make a reservation at Sjomagasinet, the restaurant with a Michelin star overlooking the harbor. After dinner, you can call a taxi and reach the airport. You will leave the country, happy. Well, if you don’t find a temperature of forty degrees, compared to fifteen in Gothenburg. But, who can say to have everything in the life?

At the end of all my impressions, I have to tell you another thing, very important for my parents. Yes, we were together. I don’t like rock music. They love rock. So, it was Friday evening, I was drinking beer and reading an interesting chapter called “Getting into the mood with Freud”. While I was hanging out with the father of psychology, my biological father went to the concert. I guess he went back to the seventies, thanks to rock groups, Sweet, Slade and Smokie. Later that evening he was so thrilled, probably he was one of the youngest among the fans.

Time after time

pastimeWanting or not, the time passes, in every moment of our lives we are a step forward, at least chronologically speaking. For some people this passage of time is too slow, while others consider it too fast: this is called the awareness of time. It depends on us, by our spirit in which we live the world around us. Because the world runs, definitely. The direction and the destination are becoming more clear. Some people like it, others hate the goal towards which we are headed. None of us can do anything to change the destiny, because that is decided by forces larger than we can even imagine. And I’m not talking about God, the Creator who is guiding us in our ways.

I’m talking about productive forces and means of production with which we are dealing every single day. Politically, I was never a fan of communism, but I find this aspect of Marx’s philosophy perfect; he has identified the driving forces of humanity, at least those that are external to man. If we look into this, in many aspects, we are extraordinary creatures who find our personal motivations to proceed in life. Starting with the good ones, such as love and desire to reproducing (dominant for males) and considering those not considered very flattering, such as selfishness, the race for money and the desire of the power. Unfortunately, the last category of our features is prevalent in the development of civilization.

Since ancient times there was always someone who was physically stronger, smarter or better speaker, to convince others in the most absurd things, taking advantage of their naivete and ignorance to achieve his goal: control the others and govern them. Because it seems to be the largest level of human aspiration. Being number one carries with it all the material things you want, the most fantastic feeling that others are submissive to your will and pleasure. Put together, these two components, sociological and psychological, we arrived here where we are. To me, the situation and the prospect doesn’t seem a good one.

The level of education of people is an important factor in social processes. In this regard, the last century marked a spectacular boom. It has gone from illiteracy to high levels of general culture widespread in peoples. It was one of the reasons that allowed the technological development madness. Opening of schools, universities, various specializations have generated the class which in half a century has done more innovations compared to all other previous generations. The means of transport for all, the appliances that save time and at the end the global network. No need to get up at 4 in the morning and go to cultivate the fields, hoping that the weather will not spoil the crop.

But my feeling is that nowdays we are in front of an opposite trend. We have more free time than before, but it seems that lately they want to reduce our free time. Instead of lowering the working hours and provide jobs for more people, governments will increase our working hours, because they know we need money: the standard has reached its peak and is now decreasing. And what are we doing in the pastime? We are attached to our phones and tablets, and connected with various social networks that give us a feeling of being part of a global group, but in fact, every day we are more alone, isolated, with those electronic gadgets that are substitutes for life. Everything has become virtual.

People come back to be ignorant because of the real world which is surrounding us they know only a few irrelevant things and it seem that the governments are happy for this. The communication, the exchange of ideas and experiences, no longer exist. Three friends are sitting at coffee shop table, with their beers and everyone is concentrated on their mobile phones, communicating with others in a virtual way, not present. Who knows why?


Nowadays it seems that the only purpose of life is to find a way to make some money. Yes, it is true, there is a global economic crisis and a certain segment of the population feels it very much and has seriously need of liquidity for survival, because you have to eat and pay the bills. But here I’m thinking of those other people who don’t have existential difficulties. Those who simply want something more of the life, a more fancy dress, an amazing sport car of their dreams or take an exotic trip. Here we are talking about things that don’t represent necessarily happiness but have become a symbol to which we tend, often imposed by advertisements that surround us and push us to shop. Obviously, producers and advertising push us to buy products that are more profitable for them.

For years, this dream to become rich, or at least wealthy, is further stimulated by the presence of the Internet. There are many stories about people who have been enriched thanks to the network. Often in our inboxes are a flood of e-mails that are offering us easy gains, for example, a 883 euros per week for a commitment of 3-4 hours per day. Tempting but no realistic (even if someone has gained). It turns out that you have to invest some money to buy an electronic book or to sign up to some virtual register. There are other ways to play online in the casinos or invest in stock market from home. We are not talking about new methods to earn (or lose, because these activities are risky). The only advantage is that you are earning by sitting on your couch. From a social perspective, I see it more as a disadvantage: you can’t meet new people even if Internet offers you the possibility to have chat with other users while pressing a button of a slot, or buying gold in online stock market.

Recently, I have become aware of one guy that has earned well online. A colleague from the office who has created a site that explains forex to beginners, providing basic information about what it is, how it trades, etc. For someone who maybe has not heard about this topic, forex is the online stock market where you buy and sell currencies, but also the goods (such as gold, silver and oil), hoping that the price will go in the right direction, to be able to repurchase or resell the good profitably. The slogan is the usual one: buy for a small price and resell for a higher one. He has banners that link to the sponsors, those who actually provide the service to the forex customer. When a visitor clicks on banner and after opening account he starts trading. The webmaster takes a percentage for each operation on the spread of the broker. He is always earning, it doesn’t matter if the customer has had a profit or a loss.

One night, after work (and our second beer), he confessed me everything about his new business. My colleague is a gentleman, always well dressed, but nothing especially apparent, who often travels. We working together since many years and even our wives have a similar job to each other. According to this, we should have similar revenues, but I can’t afford to myself things he can. So I asked him how could he have such a high lifestyle (from the financial point of view). He told me his story, the one I have already referred. I had in mind an income from properties, or stuffs like that. At the beginning I was confused, so I start asking questions. At the end, he told me that his incomes, thanks to forex, were like two months of his job in the office. I was really in disbelief, so I asked him the reason why he was driving an old car, a Ford Fiesta, bought fifteen years ago. The answer was to stay away from the eyes of those who investigate the tax payment. I must admit, that does make sense.

I asked him if I could get in the business and he generously accepted to explain me everything. You must have a domain, create a website and then advertise it, to get visitors from the search engines; those are great because they seek what you offer and are ready to spend. For a moment, I thought about it. Too complicated, I told to myself. Here it is, I had a proof that some things are real. Personally, I had no desire but especially I had not enough courage to take a risk.